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  1. I am completing a new book on public health and would like to reference some of your insightful on-line contributions. Could you please send me your e-mail address? Many thanks-George

    PS Recent Articles on MDGs/SDGs

    One of the book’s sections is on the MDGs/SDGs (4.1). It has been
    pre-published (with special permission from Springer) to potentially
    help inform current discussions re the SDGs. Perhaps you (others?) may
    find this slightly modified version of interest. Prof Laaser and Prof
    Bjegovic-Mikanovic have kindly written an introduction for it. Comments
    would be welcomed.
    ‘The United Nations millennium development and post-2015 sustainable
    development goals:Towards long-term social change and social stability:
    An Introduction’
    (Professor Ulrich Laaser & Professor Vesna Bjegovic-Mikanovic)

    Click to access 2014-06-25-Laaser-Bjegovic-Introduction.pdf

    ‘Towards an integrative post 2015 sustainable development goal
    framework: Focusing on global justice, peace, security and basic human
    (George Lueddeke PhD)

    Click to access 2014-06-25-George-Lueddeke.pdf


    [1] Current book content (p/note global Reviews)

    [2] Public Health Association of South Africa (PHASA) Keynotes
    [3] American Medical Association (AMA) Keynote Reference

    Personal Linked In Connection –

    • George, thanks again for contacting me and for giving me an opportunity to contribute my paragraph to your new book!
      Good luck and if there is anything else I can be of any assistance, I am here.
      Looking forward to your book May-June 2015!
      Thank you.

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