About Marketa

Marketa Houskova RN BA MAIA

“The only thing necessary for the Triumph of Evil is for Good [Wo]men to do Nothing” ~Edmund Burke

Marketa is a force of nature. She is a  Thought Leader & Top Contributor on several LI professional groups!

She is a leader, thinker, doer, solution-creator, challenger, decision-maker, critical thinker, humanitarian worker, volunteer, registered nurse, activist, advocate, political enthusiast, health policy advisor, international affairs junkie, administrator, program manager, coordinator, supervisor, campaign administrator, political advisor, Trustee, emergency response consultant, colleague, daughter, sister, friend.

  • Join Leaders in Global Public Health Program & Policy, my professional networking / discussion group at http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Leaders-in-Global-Public-Health-4973293
  • See Health & Humanitarian Program profile + CV at  www.indeed.com/me/marketahouskova

CONTACT me at:  1(571) CZECH22  =  1(571) 293-2422


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