How does your humanitarian passion look like in 150 words?

Humanitarian aid.

Humanitarian aid. (Photo credit: United States Forces – Iraq (Inactive))

How does your humanitarian passion looks like in 150 words?

Humanitarian work, emergency planning & preparedness, disaster relief, deployment to affected regions and being on the front lines of people needing immediate and urgent help has always been my passion!

Ever since working as a nurse in Emergency Dispatch Unit & Urgent Care, or running to and managing Code Blue life-or-death situations and emergency C-sections at any given moment as a Nurse Anesthetist in a regional Czech hospital, always helping & saving people at the side of the road giving first aid or CPR (2x already), all the way to working 10 years as a critical care nurse responsible for the fundamental survival of very sick patients in ICU & Post-Anesthesia Unit while responding to hospital emergencies and Code Blue events again in an American hospital, my passion, enthusiasm, interest and dedication has always been there.

Whether it is organizing, managing, administering, itemizing, transporting or distributing disaster relief during 3-4 deployments to Haiti, bringing supplies to Africa, or immediately jumping in and doing all of the above on behalf of a city during several devastating events of massive floods in my home country of Czech Republic, seeing and experiencing both the human and material loss, I have always been very appreciative I can serve my global community with compassion, professional knowledge, technical expertise and advanced education.

This is how my passion looks like in 150 words!

How does YOURS look like??

3 thoughts on “How does your humanitarian passion look like in 150 words?

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    • Andiradi, I only last week saw you re-posted or re-blooged my article about my humanitarian career in 150 words! Thank you, I was really touched. It is my passion.
      It is part of my humanity, it is part of my global responsibility.
      So thank you again, and I hope to write and post something else again worthy of another re-post or re-blog!

      Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you in my social media world.

      Have you Czech-out my new FB page Marketa’s World VIVA Politics, Healthcare & Global Affairs?
      The link is at the top of the latest Ukraine article, but very easy to put it in search on FB and I am right there with a banner with bunch of kids from a rural school of a rural village at the foot of the Himalayas 🙂
      Come see for yourself!

      Thanks, marketa.

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